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This olive Dukkha makes a great dip - How to make - place one tub of Hummus into a serving bowl, drizzle over with our Extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle the top with this Dukkha. Scoop up this crackers or crusty bread peices.

Other serving suggestions: Sprinkle over Lamb prior to roasting. Spread over grilled or fried fish, salmon or chicken fillets. Mix through your favourite pasta dish.

Black Olive Dukkha - 100gJar

  • Our olive Dukkha is made from finely ground black olives mixed with garlic and a selection of ground nuts. How to use? Drizzle a piece of crusty bread with some of our EVOO then sprinkle our Dukkha on top and ENJOY. You can also mix Dukkha through salads, pasta and sprinkle over steamed veggies. I have also been told it is delicious on top of poached eggs.
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