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About our products



Olive oil  


Each of our oil varieties have very different and unique flavours, colours and aromas, which is why we decided to bottle our oil seperatly rather than blending. This allows you to taste and apperiate each variety and learn the difference between them. We feel it is best left up to each individual consumer to decide for themselves which flavour best suits their taste or cooking requirements. All our oils are tested on a regular basis using an Oxitesting machine. This machine is a laboratory approved oil testing peice of equipment and tests acidity, polyphenols and peroxide levels.







Infused Oils


Infusing opens up a whole new world of oils to try. Infused olive oil has the same characteristics as other olive oils and the same if not more health benefits. There are safe and unsafe ways to infuse oils. The unsafe way is to add anything into the oil that contains water or moisture, which is why we only add dried product and cold pressed pure essential oils.

May we suggest a few ways you might like to try our infused oils.

       -Warm for dipping

        -Drizzle over pasta, fish or chicken

        -Use as a salad dressing

        -Pour over baby patatoes with fresh ground pepper and salt YUM!








Table Olives


All our table olives are hand picked so as to avoid bruising. After they have been sorted and graded they are placed in large air tight brinning barrels where they are cured in a salt brine. This brining process draws the bitterness from the fruit, and this may take several months. The barrels are stored in a temperature controlled facility and the salt and PH levels are monitored reguraly. All water used at our processing plant is purified through a double charcoal filter and UV light filtration system. Boiling water alone will not kill the harmful bacteria which can cause food poisoning, only a UV light filtration system will kill salmonella. We feel the method we use produces a more nutritrious and better flavoured table eating olive.









Spreads, Jams and other


After many years of processing olives and playing around with different ideas I have discovered that olives love to obsorb whatever they are submerged in. We have devolped some very different and unique olive spreads, jams and sweet salty olives. Imagine this...... take our premium olives and soak them in various liguers, then blend them with other taste bud tempting ingredients and you are left with the most delicious treat to add to any chesse platter. Or even better, how about a chocolate coated or sweet salty olive to share with friends over coffee after dinner.







Skin Care


Let's face it once in awhile we all suffer from dry skin, chapped lips and split ends. Olive oil is a natural product that has magnificent moisturising properties. The skin absorbs it readily and it has no allergic properties. Therefore it is perfect no matter what type of skin you have. Olive oil nourishes the skin leaving it soft and supple. May we suggest some ways that our olive oil can help your body overcome the effects of our harsh dry evrioment.


Hair Treatment or our all natural Shampoo and Conditioner, Our hair care products are all natural and extremely mild for your hair and scalp. They contain no detergents or harsh chemicals, so add moisture to your hair and put an end to split ends, frizzy hair and itchy scalp.


Hand and foot Treatment, Olive oil is the best treatment for hands, feet and nail care, go to Our Skin Care Range and grap one of our treatment packs and follow the instructions to beautiful hands, feet and nails


Wrinkled or dry skin, Apply our moisturising cream and lotion which is jam packed full of the most beautiful plant oils. When applying our cream or lotion, at first it may feel a bit greasy, but this is only because of how moisturising and luxurious our products are, please allow these great oils time to soak in. Then if you wish wipe the excess from the palms of your hands with a tissue so you don't grease up your mobile phone or keyboard.


Lips,  Chaffed and dry lips? Nothing worse. We have the solution.


Body, Soak in a bath filled with our luxourious bath oil, follow our sensual instruction sheet and enjoy how relaxed and hydrated your will feel. Alternatively try our all natural Olive oil soaps which are mild, long lasting and detergent free.


Muscles, Stiff, sore, aching? We have serveal rubs, balms and massage oils for you and your partner to try that will sooth away those aching tired muscles.


Baby, Extra Virgin olive oil has been recommended by many doctors for baby massage, Why? Because it will not cause any allergies and is mild enough not to harm BuB's delicate skin.







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