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Table Olive Products



All olives start off green in colour, then as they ripen they turn to purple then black. A green olive is just picked earlier in the season and black olives are picked later. The varieties that we grow for table olives at Sommariva are Califorina Queen (green olive) and Kalamata (black olive).



There are many ways to cure (debitter) olives, but we choose to process our table olives the natural triditional method. This may take longer but it is chemical free and less harmful to the enviroment and the consumer. Also we feel this method produces a much better flavoured and more nutritous table eating olive.


Besides the triditional table eating olive, we make a variety of marinated olives as well as spreads and jams. All of our talble olive products are great to add to your antipasto platter or fresh garden salad. 




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