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Custom Design my product


We see this as the way of the future. There are so many choices available on today's market and so much more that people expect from a product. If we were to cater for everyone's individual needs our shelves would be overflowing with a hundred different product lines all made in varying ways. Everyone's skin is unique and we all have different desires, wants and needs. So we thought, how can we give everyone a unique product that they desire? Male and female have different wants, babies through to the elderly, you might want a everyday product or something for a special event. The choices are endless, so we are giving you the freedom to design your own product.


You'll be able design what you want and we will make it!  As we are a producers of olive oil we try to use this in most if not all of our product lines. We will formulate a base product for you to work with, any other ingredients we offer are sourced very carefully from reputable companies. We always try to use organic or natural ingredients, so there are no hidden nasties. Where possible we use plant based oils and additives from the earth, making us vegan friendly.  You will have the freedom to choose strong, medium or light scents or no fragrance at all, if this is your desire. Essential oils will be our main fragrance on offer but we will also have some of the more popular fragrant oils. You will have the freedom to add or remove whatever you like, it is up to you. Once your product is designed you will be able to give it a name and choose from the packaging options available.


Step 1. Click on the product below that you would like to design.

Step 2. Once in the page carefully read the base ingredients and the brief description of the benefits of each one used. If you are happy to proceed than move on. (If you have an allergy to any of the ones we have chosen please let us know and we can swap it for another one or leave it out all together)

Step 3. Go through the options and choose your additives, fragrance and strength.

Step 4. Give your product a name, this will help us and you to identify your product in the future. All custom designed products will be kept on file so if you wish to have your product remade there will be no hassle in having this done and you will be assured of an exact replication.

Step 5. Choose your packaging from the options offered. 

Step 6. Go to the shopping cart and provide your address. 

Your creation will come with a list of the ingredients you have chosen and a brief description of the benefits of each product.


We will do our best to get all items shipped out as soon as we can but as these products are all custom made some may take longer than usual to create. For example most of our soaps are formulated using the Cold Process method and because we want them just right when you receive them they will need at least four weeks to cure and harden before they can be shipped. We will email you a ETA when your order is placed. So please be patient they will be worth the wait.

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