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Olive Oil Products


At Sommariva our olives are cold crushed for oil on site, ensuring the fruit goes from tree to crate to machine in the shortest amount of time possible. This ensures a premium product every time. Water, heat and chemicals are not used during our crushing process. We do all our crushing under air-conditioning and our oils are stored in a temperature controlled enviroment, so as to ensure a top quality product.


Olive oil can provide many health benefits, including improved digestion and increased heart metabolism - a result of the oils low cholesterol content. Experts claim that olive oil consumption can also improve the appearance and health of hair, skin and nails, as well as reduce muscle ache's and lower blood pressure.


Olive oil can be consumed or used in cooking immediately after it is collected from the press. As with wine, olive oils are unique and distinct, with each olive variety having its own individual colour, flavour and character.


It is with little wonder that this great product is often considered to be liquid gold.


To achieve the longest possible shelf life for your oil it must be stored correctly. Keep your oil in a cool and dark place, and tightly sealed, as oxygen promotes rancidity, and light and heat is the number one enemy of oil. Do not leave your oil on a window ledge. If your oil becomes cold it will solidify, but this will not harm your oil, it will return to liquid form again when it warms a little.


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