Make every evening special for you and your partner with your loving touch. For those precious moments, it is important to leave behind the pressures of the world, focus on each each other, and enjoy the evening together. Massage this formula into the back, neck and shoulders of your partner until the oil is fully absorbed into the skin. This treatment should be mutually reciprocated for best results.

Sensual Olive Oil Massage Oil - 125ml pump bottle

  • The essential oils that go into make up this product has the following health benefits:

    - Reduces stress, calming, promotes restful sleep, mood uplifting and purifying on the body.
    - Relaxes tight muscles, lessens pain, aphrodisiac, and encourages communication.
    - Nerve stimulant, healing to the skin, reduces anxiety and tension.
    - Helpful for meditation, helps breathing, promotes sleep and helps to reduce cellulite deposits.