Our base moisturing face cream will contain the following ingredients and will come to you in a 60g jar with a printed label.

Floral water  is known as the water of youth. Reduces stress and lowers anxiety.

Oils : Organic Extra virgin Olive oil,contain squalene a natural chemical compound that is very beneficial for the skin.

Hemp oil, moisturises the skin, fights acne, prevents premature aging and softens rough patches.

Grapeseed oil, keeps your skin young. Deals with acne and is known to lighten skin.

Watermelon seed oil, hydrates skin, acts as a skin toner and reduces skin pore size.

Pomergate seed oil,  aids in reversing skin damage. This oil is rich in vitamin C, B5, potassium & polyphenols. Is a powerful anitoxident and is widely used for it's anti-aging properties.

Evening primrose oil is a fantastically moisturising oil thanks to it's high concentration of essential fattly acids.

Butters: Mango butter is high in Omega 6 and forms a non-greasy barrier on the skin.

emulsifier & Thickener: Emulsifing wax, Cetyl Alcohol are both thickening agents used to help your cream set to the correct consistency, without this your oils would seperate. So it is a very improtant ingredient.

Additive: silk powder, Dragon Blood sap(optional) Read additional info section to see skin health benefits.

Preservative : Since creams include water a preservative needs to be added to prevent, mold, fungi and bacteria.



All natural moisturising face cream, no colour is added starting price

  • The common name for this product is called Dragons Blood.

    Here is a list of it's skin health benefits

    Key Product Attributes
    •  Preservative Free
    •  Gentle and Moisturising
    •  Good for all skin types
    •  Pure and natural

    Skin Care
    •  Antioxidant properties
    •  Free radical scavenging
    •  Irritation reduction
    •  Increase blood flow
    for skin healing

    Skin Care: Anti-ageing care, night cream,antioxidant serums, environmental protection creams,clarifying cleansers, soothing after-sun gels for skin repair, eye serums.